This page is a hub where I display or link to images I feel reflect my work. If you feel like hiring my services, email me with your requirements and we'll negotiate terms. My primary fields are fantasy and science-fiction, which includes superheroes and anime, but as far as subject material goes, the sky is the limit; if I can't immediately draw something for you, I'll learn how.

As well as this page, I recommend reading my comic from the beginning. It contains most of my output, character designs and up-to-date techniques. If you don't want to read all of it, I've posted links to highlights at the bottom.

Links to Published Work

These are illustrations I've done for other people (I've even been paid for most of them). All reproductions used with permission.
Seric Logo: This item was commissioned by a reader. The dragon is the only hand-drawn component; the rest was composed in The GIMP.
Leo's Tiny Chariot: Done on a whim for the Son Of A Portable Hole, available from ENPublishing - for free! (Posted in lieu of a comic.)
Choice: A commission from Deadly Games, also from ENPublishing. I have four pieces in the product, including this one.
Art For Sale: A page of art that you can buy for your own products.

Links to Other Work

That is, gift art I've sent out across the Net, unsolicited.
This piece details the lower layers of a scifi armour I created. Note the water recycling nodes and supports for the overarmour. The blade is actually an energy rifle designed for combat at any range.
Alas, Poor Yorick: A comic done for the Emerald Sage ezine. A small gallery, but to have one created entirely for me while my back was turned...
Marilith and Coloured Marilith: What happens when you listen to people on the Net. This was my response to the official art for the Marilith from Wizards Of The Coast. Caution: Contains nudity.
Rain: Fanart for Adventurers!, particularly noticable for the rain effects. Primitive, but I know so much more now that I could make it look seriously nice.
Comparisons: Fanart for RPGWorld, just a monster and a couple of chicks, but pretty nonetheless.

Links to Comics

My largest body of work. This refers to images on this site, for this site. (The site itself is purely my design, by the way, html on up.)
Dragon: This piece further demonstrates my love for dragons.
Dungeon: This strip contains my favourite image of a dungeon. I learned a lot from drawing this.
Monsters: This links to an illustrated article featuring monsters I designed for D&D. These were drawn in pencil, enhanced in ink, and scanned as-is with minimal computer assistance.
Diary: This strip taught me to do monochrome in a fashion distinct from doing it with pencil.
Shaman Fight: This features a creepy character design and some good old-fashioned violence.
Hellhound: Readers reacted positively to my reinvention of this particular monster. The beast first appears in the previous strip.
Halloween: A vampire in a werewolf mask. More to the point, the colouring is done over pencils. An experiment I haven't repeated recently, but the technique is promising.
Libero: A knight in shining armour... after a rather brutal battle.
Venice: One of the more detailed pieces in my portfolio. This piece was drawn on one sheet of A4 paper, from a brief map. In later strips, the architecture is observably identical. I'm a sucker for detail.
Cheesecake: The first appearance of female heroes. I was trying something with leather at the time.
Another Dragon: The Christmas special. A nice looking dragon, acting uncharacteristically.
The Caves: Rock (and a little cheesecake). The next few strips introduce more rock, and the troglodyte battle. Those troglodytes certainly look the business, don't they?
Ogre Battle: A little more violence, just for the sake of it. Extensive collateral damage is involved this time.
The Chase: This one I just like for its sense of energy. It's got horses and wolf/hounds in it too.

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