My Favourite Things

www.adventurers-comic.comAdventurers! is just a legend in its own right. Life in a console RPG.
www.rpgworldcomic.comRPG World is like Adventurers! with more story.
Desperate AngelsA fantasy webcomic with great character design and lots of other cool stuff!
DaemonEye PublishingA place I work for, doing d20 material. There's free stuff! Bruno the Bandit is a neverending wellspring of modern satire.Odd, because it's a fantasy epic. Sluggy Freelance. Insanity. Plot. Read from the beginning. It's worth it.
Polymer City Chronicles The first place to post my fanart, hence responsible for the existance of Dungeon Damage. Alienesque hijinks and big women. From one of my best online friends. If you like Buffy or Angel, read it. Heck, even if you don't you should still read it; that's kind of the point. Master of Deadspace. OK, so there's this cyborg, and a planet of were-creatures, and adult content. I read it, I figure I should link it.
Penny Arcade Heh heh heh. Those crazy fellows. It's about games... sometimes. A superhero with an alter ego. Thought-provoking and very good.
8-Bit Theater The cast of Final Fantasy as you've never seen them. Yes, that's FF1.
PvP My kind of culture, as portrayed by Scott Kurtz. The man can annoy more people than anyone else alive.
KeenLace People in underwear. I submitted a piece I'd already posted here. Guess which one? I'm so cheap.
Brunswick It's got talking animals in it. It's done by a fellow Wellingtonian. It's got History. You know it's good for you.
Red Lexi More fantasy goodness. Bishounen, great hair... And they sent me art.
Fantasy Parody Saga A tale of urban misfits and some altogether stranger stuff. Like city witches.
E-Motel Another New Zealander's comic, apparently based on the music of the Clean but as I've never heard them I can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of this claim. I gotta get out more.
Goth Boy Mo Who would have though angst could be so fun?
Kitsunes and Dragons That which was once Weavers of Fate, one of my first links. Manga-style.
Dungeon Damage ButtonLink me with this! It's only 2Kb, it won't hurt. Unless you DON'T!

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